We are the people behind the code.

And that’s where most of our clients like us to stay. A good deal of our creative partners like us to work ‘invisibly’, by which we mean the end client doesn’t know DigiDoIt exist and never will (sadly). Each of our partner agencies work with our team slightly differently, in a way which best suits how they like to work. Some agencies simply provide us with designs and expect us to have no contact with the end client, whilst others prefer our client facing staff to help with pitches and to talk directly to the client, as part of the creative agency team.

Because we white label the majority of our web work it’s very difficult for us to showcase everything we’d like to on our website. We are extremely grateful to our creative partners who have let us use projects we’ve worked on as case studies, however this only shows a small percentage of the projects we’ve built.

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Just because we can’t show off everything we’ve done online doesn’t mean we can’t discuss projects we’ve worked on. Many of our creative partners are happy for us to discuss projects that we can’t show off on our website, so we take every opportunity to visit creative agencies and in a face to face environment show them the full extent of what we can do.

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